Design and Build your Own Home

There is something very visceral and satisfying to conceive, design, and to build your own home.  To me building your own home is the definition of empowerment.  A home crafted to your personality and your needs can become more than a reflection of your personality, it can be a platform that allows you to flourish.  A home can be crafted to give you that pure quiet space from the hectic world where you can meditate, contemplate, and give your creative juices the space to come out.  A home can be crafted to allow you to commune with the natural landscape around it in harmony. A hammock in our private courtyard is a personal touch from my wife who comes from Brazil.  It is a piece of home that transforms an outdoor space into an amazing vacation retreat right at home.  There is a wealth of peace and quiet that can come from a lazy summer afternoon gently swaying in the hammock with a ...

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