• A potential client interviews one of our current clients...
  • A potential client interviews one of our current clients...

And this is what they had to say about us!

Project background:
LR (potential client): What was your project, and how long ago was it done?
T&K (current clients): Our project is a new build home on a very steep ocean front rock bluff property. (difficult design/difficult build)‎(obscure property shape) (the house is currently in construction)

LR: Did you have any challenges with the house/lot? 
T&K: Lots of both as per above comments....

Working methods:
LR: Did you feel Ana and Howard were professional?
T&K: Extremely‎....very methodical, analytical....and both in a good way!

LR: How much input did you have in the design process?
T&K: We had lots of input which always seemed to be welcome which is very contrary to most we have experienced in that profession.

LR: Did they set out a timetable for the design process? If so, did they meet it?
T&K: There was a timetable and it was met. Everything they have done and continue to do is always in a timely fashion.

LR: Did they estimate their costs appropriately?
T&K: Yes.

LR: How did you communicate or meet?
T&K: Via email as well as in person meetings....very accessible and excellent communicators.

Customer satisfaction:
LR: Did the design fit your budget?
T&K: Yes....they have an excellent eye for design influenced by a high regard for costs to execute the design.

LR: How would you describe their design ability and technical competence?
T&K: "Outstanding" for both and their overall abilities are only outdone by their ‎approach to the project...they seem to welcome our input, respect our wishes but at the same time offer their opinions of why things would or wouldn't necessarily be a good idea!

LR: Were you happy with the process and the result?
T&K: Extremely happy...we are not "easy" clients!!! We are self-employed business professionals and have very high expectations of others.....On the project prior to this one, we hired and fired three architects since they all wanted to build "their homes" and not ours.....we were so fed up with their big attitudes that we ended up doing the project ourselves.....We were very reluctant to engage another architect for this project based on our past experiences with the profession.....Howard and Ana were recommended to us and we ‎decided to interview....We have been thrilled with the entire relationship. Only regret is that we didn't know of them for our last build.

LR: Do you have any advice or cautions?
T&K: No cautions in dealing with them....they are highly ethical, professional, talented and an overall pleasure to work with. Regarding advice, don't be intimidated to bring forward your ideas/suggestions ‎for consideration at all stages of the project.....While they are the technical and creative experts, it's your house and they have never made us feel inferior or belittled our input.

T&K's house is currently under construction and it's been a pleasure for us to be working on this. The site is so challenging that it is even hard to get a good photo without hanging off the edge of a cliff. But the view is spectacular! Can't wait to show the final product! For now, here is a snippet of it