Langley Passive House Part 2 – Sunshade

The South facing sunshades on the Langley Passive House are permanent, sized to reject the overheating summer sun while allowing passage of the winter sun through the windows to heat the home, and fit the architectural style of the home. There are two levels of sunshade one at the roof level as an extension of the eaves and the other shades the main level windows and doors as a continuous wall mounted canopy.

The upper eaves are extensions of the top chord of the roof trusses and form an angled soffit with continuous venting. This overhang shades the upper level windows from the steep angle of the summer sun. The lower angle winter sun is not obsured by the length of the overhang allowing the warming rays to play a key role in heating the interior of the home.

The main level canopy is shown in the detailed close-up image and is attached such that it does not penetrate the insulation and create a thermal bridge. The trusses are hung off 2×4 ledgers which are in turn attached to the 2×4 vertical strapping without penetrating the insulation.