Journey into the Spaces of the Imagination

Hi everyone! We’re so excited to announce this fun little product we developed – It’s a guided visualization journey in the format of a game, it can be ordered online and makes for a great gift or conversation piece!

The Journey takes you through 10 different archetypal Spaces and is designed to free the Imagination and to access different aspects of ourselves. It can be used during the design process of a home to expand possibilities but can also be taken for personal expansion even if you don’t have a specific project in mind.

As a quick exercise, try closing your eyes and imagine that you are walking through a Forest.
What kind of trees do you see?
What time of day and season is it?
What feeling does this Space evoke for you?
Would you want to linger here, pass through or just leave quickly?

The image that pops into your mind is unique to you. We can learn to interpret the language of our Imagination to obtain clues from our subconscious into our current life situation. Each of the 10 archetypal Spaces offers clues into a different area of our lives.

The game box comes with instructions for taking the Journey, a Worksheet for recording your impressions as you go through, a set of 10 cards with the symbolism for each of the Spaces, and a booklet for guiding you through interpreting your responses. You will also end up with a personal “score” for each of your Spaces that indicates how balanced this area of your life is at the moment, the ultimate goal being to bring all the aspects of ourselves into balance and full expression.
The Journey’s destination is your Dream Home – symbolically the Dream Home represents the full mirror of ourselves, when all the different aspects of ourselves come together into full self-actualization.

The Journey can be taken many times and each time you can go into your Spaces in greater depth. It can be taken individually or shared with others. There is also a facebook group set up where travelers on the Journey can get together and exchange insights.

For more info and to order your Journey online check out

Take the Journey!   The Journey can also be taken online anytime!

We are in the process of expanding this tool into online courses and interactive features to access one’s own Imagination and liberate the creative process. So stay tuned for more and tell us what you think about what you are seeing so far!