We make space for what matters, nurture it, let it grow, let it evolve.If it makes your heart leap, takes your breath away, or sigh then we've hit the core of what matters. This isn't for your friends or your neighbors; we're here to feed your soul and allow your passion to catch fire.Your home, your place, is your sanctuary. We help you find what nurtures you and fills you up so you can go out in the world and be that spectacular you.We do timeless design for what matters to you in your home. Where you can laugh, relax, do the things you need to do, experiment, express.

Victoria Ufimzeff
Junior interior designer

Victoria is passionate about evoking a story from creative concepts with life experiences, human and nature philosophy through worldly travels.  With a diploma in Tourism & travel Hospitality at Fanshawe College, and diploma in Interior design at Vancouver’s VCAD, with several artistic side endeavours, she has the pleasure in blending travel and design. To have the ability to transform spaces and create memoirs for those who step into her art, brings visions to life through the inspiration she gathers in our everyday lives, honouring life moments in time, and safe spaces to build and grow.

Her philosophy stems from creative collaboration with human and nature; Through different experiences in time, she inspires those by exploring deep within ourselves to live outside the comfort zone and continue to not see vulnerability as fear in being an obstacle, but a motivator to then push your own limits.

Augusta Ho
Junior designer

Originally from the prairies, Augusta moved to beautiful British Columbia after finishing her Bachelor of Environmental Design at the University of Manitoba in 2020, specializing in Landscape Architecture. Augusta's interests are focused on harmonizing indoor and outdoor built environments; how the therapeutic benefits of nature can influence dwelling and be incorporated into daily life - even when we're inside. She would like to explore the profession through the lens of sustainability, emphasizing the importance of reducing the environmental impact on our planet. In her free time, Augusta can be found exploring the alpine, perfecting her coffee-making methods, or firing ceramics.

Augusta has returned to her studies to improve her skills and contributions to the field at the University of Manitoba to achieve a Master of Landscape Architecture.

Michelle Rowe
Senior designer

Michelle's passion is working with clients to create the space they envision for themselves and their families. She enjoys creating functional, beautiful spaces with efficient and creative layouts that fit the people that will live or work in the space. Michelle has a diploma of Interior Design, is NCIDQ certified and has lived and worked in Toronto Ontario, Calgary Alberta and is now happy to be living by the ocean in British Columbia with her family. Michelle's experience is varied including working on residential design, renovations, tenant improvements, design/build, restaurants, hospitality, retail, multi-family, senior living & commercial spaces. Michelle brings an excellent attention to detail, creativity and thoughtfulness to every project she works on.

Howard Leung
M.Arch., LEED AP

Howard provides technical expertise with a flair for creative solutions. He has a Masters in Architecture from UBC and a Bachelor in Biochemistry from McGill University.

As a past member of the Canada Green Building Council Education member of the Canada Green Building Council Education green solutions to his projects. He has taught estimating, green solutions to his projects. He has taught estimating, been a development manager for multifamily, subdivision housing, and complex commercial projects and provided general contracting services for new homes and renovations. With his broad experience, Howard brings design intelligence, practical budgeting, scheduling and project management to each project at Sandrin Leung Inc.


We believe everyone has talents to express. We try to nurture each person’s unique talents and quirks because it elevates them and their work and their glow uplifts and inspires us.

We are all unique, choose the time you work best, wherever you work best, with great partners and colleagues. We help you reach your full potential by letting you work in the way that optimizes your productivity.

If you are a morning person, work in the mornings. If you are an evening person, do that. If you need to level up some skills chances are we will be able to teach you or you can choose to take the time for formal education.

We believe that if we are enabling you to be the best you want to be then you'll produce the best work. And work isn't everything. We are neighbors, friends, parents, and part of healthy society. If we are balanced in all aspects of our lives then we are better for ourselves and for others. We believe that work lets you grow and gives you purpose and finding purpose and becoming a balanced person goes hand in hand.

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