New homes

Every new home is a journey where we explore the essence of a new place, make new friendships, create a nourishing place to live and come out as someone new.

Rock Journey

This is a story of a giant rock bluff that met a small house and hugged it.

Cliff Journey

This is the tale of a steep cliff face that tumbles down to the beach and ocean. A little house snuggles up against the cliff and open ups to sea and the sky.

Rising Journey

The quiet sleepy parts of this house are low and touch the ground and the boisterous public parts rise up to sweeping views and lofty ceilings and spaces.

Loft Journey

This trendy home has a double height living room with a loft above perfect for the gritty Nanaimo harbour front.

Mid-Century Journey

Pieces in this house have journeyed all over the continent and landed here in their mid-century modern glory with a sweeping ocean view up Howe Sound.

Bold Journey

Unabashedly bold and modern this house frames the view across Sechelt Inlet from every room.

norman house

This cute home has traditional elements throughout modernized with today’s materials.

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