Interior Design

The magic happens in the home where you live, cook, entertain, enjoy, rest, relax, and enjoy the good life.

Rock house

The rock is viewed in different ways in the interior of the home. The living room has a piece of the rock bluff in the room itself as well as looking through glass to the larger rock bluff.

beach house

The open kitchen/dining/living room combination is perfect for entertaining and for traditional living. The ceiling is vaulted for an airy feel, to let in light deep into the house, and to capture the view to the ocean.

Mid-century house

A collection of artwork and furniture pieces decorate this house and have been collected and carried from house to house of this mobile couple.

Sharp house

Modern and sharp with refined and detailed finishing throughout this house. It is all clean, crisp, and sharp with touches of natural materials to bring out focal points of warmth and texture.

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