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The first stage of a project is to dream or to envision something that you desire.

How do you want to live?
What kind of place makes you feel comfortable, at ease, and relaxed?
What kind of places energize you?
What kind of personality are you? Introvert/extrovert?
What values are important to you?

This will be the driving force for your project. Without this “fuel” no project can move forward. This is why this step is so important! So take the time to dream and to get in touch with yourself and with what you truly desire your project to be!

Project ideas

• Take the JOURNEY INTO THE SPACES OF THE IMAGINATION to free your imagination and to get a better idea of the quality of spaces that most resonate with you.

• Create a VISION BOARD for you project with images, words or ideas that spark your imagination or that are important to you. This is easy and fun to do and it will help to clarify your vision and organize your thoughts.


• – This is a great resource for collecting spatial ideas for a new home, renovation or work space
• – A great collection of inspiring architecture from around the world.
• – A great visual library for concepts, ideas and for freeing the imagination


The second stage is to clarify your vision and find your focus

The creation of a project alternates between phases of expansion and phases of contraction.

The first stage is to expand and to dream of possibilities, the second stage is to contract and to focus on the few key ideas that are going to shape the project.

Some key points that will be important to determine at this stage:
• Finding the right site for the project: location, topography, sun access, views, privacy…
• Determining the functional needs of the project: desired square footage, number of bedrooms/bathroom, how the space will be used.
• Exploring the feasibility of the project: rough budget based on square footage, lot value, resale value…

Project ideas

To help clarify this stage, COMPILE A LIST for your project with your:


This will help to set your priorities and focus on what is most important for your project so you can make the best decisions moving forward.


Finding the ‘Right Property’! (
How to make your dreams Financially Feasible!
Setting Priorities and Direction for your project!

Chat with us and we can provide some professional perspective so you can have more confidence moving forward!


The third stage is to get creative and give shape to your idea on paper

This stage again, like stage 1, is an expansive phase! It is the time to explore the many shapes and forms that your project can take until the best solution reveals itself.  In this stage there are no limitations, all ideas are welcome and are to be explored freely.

Projects become better as they go through many iterations, each time the vision becomes clearer.  By going through many iterations, the design also tends to become simpler, more efficient, easier to build.  The birthing of an idea into form is a process not a product.  Being comfortable with the iterative process of design plays a huge role in how far a design can go and how great a project can become.  Jumping too quickly into the “how to” stage can lead to shortcutting this process and preventing the project from fully developing into its highest potential.  This stage is where the magic happens so keep the faith and enjoy the journey!

Some of the things we explore in this stage based on your project’s criteria:

• Multiple schemes for your project until the best solution emerges
• Exploration of adaptability for future use and flexibility
• Solar Studies to determine how to best capture sunlight in your space, keeping it warm in the winter and preventing it from overheating in the summer.
• 3D Digital Model Studies so you can have a good idea of what your space will feel like
• Green Design and Sustainable features that make sense for your project and budget


The fourth stage is to translate your design into built form

At this stage the project become more detailed and more focused. This is where the design gets dissected into its simplest and easiest form to be built. Here we explore the “HOW TO” questions and find best ways to construct the project.

This is also the stage where we apply for a building permit at the appropriate municipality and develop more detailed Construction Drawings, or the blueprints, from which your project will be built.

We always work in collaboration with other experts in the field, including builders, engineers, product representatives, etc. and welcome their input on project-specific ideas and construction details.

From the detailed drawings, clients have the option of obtaining a more accurate budget for their project at this stage to have their finances organized before the construction starts. We always work together with our clients to meet their budget for their project.

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