online design

Get your building design from the comfort of your home. We started doing online home design by working with clients based internationally who didn’t have the time to meet with us face to face. We noticed this remote work had certain efficiencies and reduced our time and cost by 20%. Whether you or your project is located near where we happen to live or not we can work online and you can benefit from the extra efficiency.

how it works

Online home design is the same as traditional design with the following particulars:

Meetings happen in your home and in our home via zoom

you or your builder submits the permit while we prepare and coordinate your documents. Or if we live close to the project site we may submit the permit for you

We do site review virtually based off of pictures you take

We design based on surveys, google maps & street view, site pictures by you

We open a bottle of champagne at our home while you open a bottle at your new home

We share and celebrate together virtually

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